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PT. Growth Java Industry (GJI) is the latest large-scale project of the Growth Steel Group to produce Nickel Pig Iron from Nickel Ore Deposits in Indonesia.

We supply Nickel Pig Iron products to steel mills, nickel & steel molding factories, as well as steel coil manufacturers targeting the Middle East, Southeast Asia, India, Australia, Africa, South America, Europe market.

GJI is a growing company. In addition to producing 12% Nickel Pig Iron, We are able to work on the installation of additional tools to improve the final product of Nickel Pig Iron with low carbon, phosphorus, sulfur content.

The second phase of our project started in 2013 to increase the production capacity of Nickel Pig Iron and is also the only source available outside of China.

GJI established on 23 November 2006 named as PT. Indoferro, change name to PT. Growth Java Industry on 12 December 2018.


The Growth Steel Group was founded in 1970, starting with its first company PT. Growth Sumatra Industry (GSI).

GSI is an integrated steel factory that produces long steel products made from Scrap Metal, Billets, Reinforcing Bars, Weld Mesh, Angle Bars, Bright Steel Shafting. Then GSI grew massively and became the foundation for various business units that are now able to export their products to various countries.

Growth Steel Group supplies steel products for construction, mining, re-roller purposes (various metals whose shape, thickness, solidity, curves can be customized).

PT. Growth Asia is one of the largest foundries in Southeast Asia that produces Mill Liners for the mining industry, Steel & Dustile Iron Rolls for the steel and rubber industry, Extended-Life Screws for the palm oil industry.

Blast Furnace

PT. Growth Java Industry whose production facility is located in Cilegon, Banten, received additional investment from the group worth $100M USD (as of 2018) to increase its production capacity of 500,000 tons with nickel content of 12% in Nickel Pig Iron.

This is the first smelter to operate in Indonesia since the government imposed a new mining regulation in 2012 which requires processing mineral ores into value-added products before being exported.

Conveyor Belt
Nickel Ore


Basic Pig Iron
Foundry Pig Iron
Nickel Pig Iron (12% minimum nickel)
Alloy Pig Iron (according to order)

230 x 160 x 50 mm

8.5 kg/piece (nominal)

Current Type: Nickel Pig Iron 12%. On-going Development: 2 RKEF to produce Nickel 16,000 mtpa.

NPI Supplied to stainless steel mills, nickel & stainless steel casting foundries and still mill roll producers.

The NPI produced is majority exported to India, China and Taiwan.

Further the company's is strategy to use the NPI produced for making stainless steel wire rod & stainless steel bar within the expansion of the company.

Nickel Pig Iron


GJI has extensive laboratory facilities to maintain product consistency according to the specifications ordered.

GJI also has complete Laterite & Saprolite Nickel Ore testing equipment to test Nickel Iron Ore used in the production of Nickel Pig Iron.

Nickel Ore is checked before and after being mixed with Calcining Agents, then added to the Sinter Plant.

Further testing was carried out on the Sintering process before being mixed with more Nickel Ore, Coke, Fluxing Agents.

The mixed material then passes through the Blast Furnace. The results of the Nickel Pig Iron will be printed, cooled, and then tested again.

Sinter Plant


Our production facilities use the latest technology to produce Nickel Pig Iron with the least impact, so that the preservation of the surrounding environment is maintained intact.

High energy efficient Coke Ovens produce Blast Furnace Coke for use in the Nickel Ferro Ore reduction process.

Nickel Ore Fines are mixed and calcined in a Sinter Plant to remove moisture and produce pellets as raw material for Blast Furnace.

Sinter Pellets, Nickel Iron Ore, Coke, Fluxes are then put into a Blast Furnace with hot air so that the Ferro Nickel Oxides are reduced to Nickel Pig Iron.

While this stage is in progress, we also have to install additional tools to perfect the Nickel Pig Iron to produce high quality products with low carbon, sulfur, phosphorus content.

The next stage is to install a second Blast Furnace with a production capacity of 500,000 - 600,000 tons of Nickel Pig Iron.

Blast Furnace
Electric Furnace Plant

GJI having 4 x 16 MW Electric Furnace with capacity to produce 120,000 mtpa Nickel Pig Iron in 12% Nickel Content.

2 sets since 2018, 2 sets from 2021.

Electric Furnace
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Cilegon Factory
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